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At CLEVR Automations, we’re not just transforming homes; we’re revolutionizing the way you experience spaces. Our cutting-edge smart automation solutions seamlessly integrate technology to enhance comfort, security, and efficiency across residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. Whether it’s a cozy home, a luxurious hotel, or a bustling office, our innovations adapt to your lifestyle and needs.

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FAQ - Your Apple HomeKit and Aqara Smart Home Partner in Sri Lanka (FAQ)
Welcome to a smarter and more secure way of living! CLEVR Automations, Sri Lanka's official Aqara partner, brings you a wireless retrofit smart home solution that seamlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit. Experience effortless control and unmatched security with Aqara devices, all conveniently managed from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or with Siri voice commands.

Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started with your Aqara and Apple HomeKit smart home journey:

General Questions

  • What is CLEVR Automations?

We are a solution-based smart home automation company in Sri Lanka. We offer next-generation Aqara technology, specializing in wireless retrofit solutions for seamless smart home upgrades.

  • Who is Aqara?

Aqara is a leading manufacturer of innovative and reliable smart home devices compatible with major platforms, including Apple HomeKit. Their products enhance convenience, safety, and efficiency.

  • What is a smart home automation system?

It allows you to control and automate various devices in your home (lighting, security cameras, thermostats) through a central hub or smartphone app.

  • What is a wireless retrofit solution?

This solution upgrades your existing home with smart technology without extensive rewiring or renovations. It utilizes wireless communication for seamless device control.

Aqara Product Questions

  • What Aqara products are available?

We offer a wide range, including smart locks, motion sensors, door/window sensors, smart switches, security cameras, smart plugs, and environmental sensors.

  • How do Aqara products work together?

Aqara products communicate through a central hub using wireless protocols. The hub connects to your Wi-Fi, allowing control through the Aqara Home app.

  • Are Aqara products secure?

Yes, they use advanced encryption standards to protect your data and ensure only authorized users control your devices.

  • Can I install Aqara products myself?

Yes, most are designed for easy DIY installation. We also offer professional installation services.

Installation and Setup

  • How do I get started?

Contact CLEVR Automations for a consultation. We'll assess your needs and recommend the best Aqara products for your specific smart home solution. We can guide you through installation or provide professional services.

  • Do I need a central hub?

Yes, a central hub is required to connect and control Aqara devices. It acts as the communication bridge between your devices and the Aqara Home app.

  • How do I control my Aqara devices?

You can control them using the Aqara Home app (iOS and Android), allowing remote monitoring, control, automation rule setting, and receiving notifications.

Functionality and Benefits

  • What are the benefits of a smart home system?

These include increased convenience, enhanced security, energy savings, remote control, and customizable automation routines.

  • Can I integrate Aqara with other systems?

Yes, Aqara products are not only compatible with Apple HomeKit but also with major ecosystems like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, regardless of your operating system. This allows for a unified smart home experience where you can control your Aqara devices with your preferred voice assistant.

  • What happens if my Wi-Fi goes down?

Aqara devices communicate with the hub using Zigbee, which doesn't rely on Wi-Fi. However, remote control and monitoring will be unavailable until your Wi-Fi is restored. Local control and automation rules will still function.

Apple HomeKit Advantage

Aqara's seamless compatibility with Apple HomeKit unlocks a world of possibilities:

  • Unmatched Security: Apple HomeKit uses industry-leading security measures to protect your home and data.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips: Control your entire Aqara smart home from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or even with Siri voice commands.

  • Unlock with a Tap: Imagine unlocking your door simply by tapping your Apple Watch – HomeKit makes it possible!

  • Control from Anywhere: Monitor your home and adjust settings remotely using your iPhone or iPad, no matter where you are.

Support and Warranty

  • What kind of support does CLEVR Automations offer?

We provide comprehensive support, including consultation for your smart home solution, professional installation, technical support, product training, and user guides.

  • Do Aqara products come with a warranty?

Yes, they come with a manufacturer's warranty. Please contact us for specific warranty details for each product.

  • How can I contact CLEVR Automations for support?

You can reach us via our website (www.clevr.lk) or contact our customer support team directly through phone