Aqara Smart Door Lock D200i

Flagship smart door lock featuring revolutionary 3D facial recognition technology, a fully automatic lockset, and support for Apple Home Keys.

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The Aqara Smart Door Lock D200i is the flagship smart door lock featuring revolutionary 3D facial recognition technology, with a fully automatic lockset, and support for Apple Home Keys. It also supports other convenient unlocking methods, such as PIN codes, NFC cards, and one-time-passcodes. It features Bluetooth connectivity, NFC, and a mechanical key for versatile access. The integrated lock body allows for automatic, motorized unlocking and locking, ensuring seamless and effortless entry.

Access features like lock status checks, battery alerts, tampering alarms, and incorrect attempt notifications. The lock pairs effortlessly with Aqara Home and Apple HomeKit, enabling smart device synchronization and home automation.

Apple Home Keys Integration: Unlocking is a breeze with a simple touch of your iPhone or Apple Watch, with keys securely stored in your Apple Wallet.
Automated Lock Mechanism: The D200i’s design eradicates manual handle pushing for door access.
Advanced 3D Facial Recognition: Swift and precise facial recognition unlock, scanning 31,000 detection points in milliseconds
Quick unlock: A motion sensor wakes the camera modules up in less than 0.1 seconds, and the authentication and unlocking process completes in less than 1 second.
Durable Battery: Two lithium ion batteries in box provides you with continuous usage.
Multiple Access Methods: Opt from diverse entry methods, such as passwords, fingerprint, NFC, mechanical key, and various apps.
Enhanced Audio and Doorbell Feature: A speaker system doubles as a doorbell.
Sturdy Design: The D200i is engineered with a robust build with a fully automated mechanism.
Emergency Access: Use the mechanical key or the concealed Type-C port for access during battery drain.
Connectivity Protocols: Zigbee ensures stable automation and cloud links, while Bluetooth offers direct phone connectivity.
Interactive Keypad: A responsive keypad emerges upon interaction, with an exclusive Away Mode button for automation linkage.
Remote Access via App: The Aqara D200i can be operated remotely through the Aqara Home app.
Distance Configuration: Adjust passwords and settings from afar via Zigbee, perfect for rentals and hospitality.

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